How it Works

The dlc is a professional and experienced management and research organisation offering you a wide range of services.  Its out of London base, together with its high levels of efficiency, enables it to offer very competitive prices.

The DLC offers a full range of market research services.

The DLC’s own market research company can, carry out all the necessary field work, in the UK, continental Europe and all English-speaking countries. When the field work is completed, our computerised analysis enables us to compile a detailed report of the findings.

The Consultancy is well used to working at speed, usually being able to turn around most surveys from first to last within one week The DLC will interpret statistical data and provides an easy-to-read report which highlights the most newsworthy elements.

The DLC’s extensive Market Research experience ensures any PR goals are met in the most cost-effective manner, so maximising available budgets.

We can offer the following services:


Conducted by telephone, face-to-face, via the internet or by focus groups on an international, national or regional basis. If required our psychologists, can assist with the developing of the questions and writing reports for use within press releases.


The dlc ltd specialises in creating for your client dramatic visually exciting yet scientifically valid experiments designed to maximise the opportunities for television as well as radio and print media exposure.

When used in conjunction with a survey these help to ensure maximum headline grabbing appeal.


Online Internet Surveys are a fast and effective way of gaining information for your clients.

The DLC can arrange an Online Internet Survey and if required we have a psychologist, who can assist with the developing of the questions and writing reports for use within press releases.

  • The DLC will set up and publish the web survey and we will create an HTML file which can be sent to you and your client or to a suitable panel of relevant people.