Recent Projects

Some of our latest work has included:


Iris PR : Milk Development Council : Naturally Beautiful : Face to Face Survey

Working with Phillip Hodson, this face-to-face survey was carried out amongst teenage girls aged 11-16 regarding their dietary habits.  The results showed that half have never tried to follow a diet and rather more than a half said ‘to feel healthier / fitter’ is what would motivate them to go on a diet. If they did diet, the most likely influence on their choice of diet, stated by a third , would be their parents;  would find diets in magazines.  As regards cutting out foods to help them to lose weight, they mostly thought they should cut out chocolate, cakes, biscuits & sweets.


DSA PR : Bingo Association : Shout House Win House Telephone Survey

Working with Phillip Hodson, this survey was conducted amongst both bingo players and non-bingo players to find out what most people would shout were they to have a full house in bingo and how often they would shout in other circumstances, how loud they would shout and what they would shout, to find out how reserved the British really are.

Phillip Hodson commented upon this story on radio.


DSA PR : Bingo Association : Crackers at Christmas Telephone Survey

“The News From Our Seasonal Survey For The Bingo Association Is That Christmas Is Driving Britons Crackers. A Startling 80 Percent Of Us Find The Festive Season Stressful In Some Way, Shape Or Form.”

Working with Phillip Hodson, this survey, was conducted to find out what people find most stressful about the Christmas period and how they would go about relieving their stress.

Phillip Hodson commented upon this story on radio.


Brita : Teenage Water Study

“Study Shows Teenagers Concentrate 9 Times Better Drinking Water Instead Of Fizz”

This study was conducted with Phillip Hodson.

The study was carried out on 45 pupils aged between eleven and fourteen, with half drinking only filtered water during school hours and half (the control group) drinking their usual soft and caffeinated drinks.

It was found that their ability to recollect information also improved and their energy levels increased, leaving the teenagers feeling, on average, three times more energetic. However, this extra energy wasn’t expended in bad behaviour: feedback from teachers and the teenagers themselves pointed to a calmer classroom and greater participation in class activities.


Four Communications : Pocoyo : Learning Through Laughter Study

Working with Dr David Lewis and 2 schools, fifty pre-school children were shown a DVD featuring dinosaurs designed for viewing by the under fives. They then heard a story and were immediately asked questions about it. A few days later the same questions were asked for a second time.

The following week they saw a cartoon which made them laugh out loud. They were then read a different story and, as before, questioned about what they had just heard both right away and a few days later.

The researchers report that the effects of laughter on memory and learning were remarkable.

After the dinosaur DVD they children gave 112 right answers between them. But after the amusing cartoon the number of correct responses rose to 123 – a 10% improvement.

But the bigger surprise was the effect on long term learning. When questioned for a second time after several days, the children gave 52 correct answers after seeing the dinosaur DVD while after seeing amusing cartoon the number of right answers was 87.  A gain of 67%!

The story was commented on across 17 radio stations.


Butchers Pet Care : Dog Lovers Study

“Why Walking Your Dog Is Better Than Joining A Gym”

Working with Dr Lewis’ Mindlab.Org , we measured the fitness of Dog Walkers against Gym Members

Volunteers took part in exercise and their recovery times were measured from heart rate and blood pressure readings

The study proved that walking the dog is better for keeping in     trim than a gym routine

The news was nationally in the Daily Mail, Express, Guardian and the FT plus a number of regional papers and radio coverage.


Butchers Pet Care : Cat Lovers Study

Working with the Dr Lewis’ Mindlab.Org, we measured the reactions of women when shown images of their pet cats amongst other images of their partners and other ‘hunky’ men.

The womens heart rates were shown to increase the most when they saw the pictures of their own cat.

The story achieved extensive branded coverage

Working with Dr David Lewis